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February 13, 2011

Seen at Barnes and Noble

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There seem to be harder core games appearing at the local Barnes and Nobles these days. Pictures of the game selections are below:

The selections are oriented towards Eurogames, but still, it’s a more wargames friendly set of games collections than just, say, Scrabble and chess.


August 2, 2010

All Weekend Gaming, Lawrenceville GA

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I was at Tower Games just to run into a guy named Ray, but in order to meet him, I had to pay my $5.00 like everyone else. That said, once inside, there were plenty of people, plenty of games, and more than just Tower folks. There were vendors selling food, selling jewelry, and folks from Troll and Toad doing what Troll and Toad does, buying and selling games.

The games my guys were playing were Operation Barbarossa and then after, Axis and Allies miniatures. Later I got with Ray to try out a gaming system he was working on, a battle in Africa between the British and Germans during World War 1, the Battle of Tanga. Since it turned out to be nearly impossible, in this heavily defensive era, to actually attack, the game became entirely a game of maneuver, akin to Sherman’s march towards Atlanta. I’d move and outflank Ray, and then force him back. Towards the end, with almost no casualties, he declared my side a win. I had scarcely fought the whole time.

Randomness generators abounded: cards, dice. Some people used laptops to generate game situations. Overall, the array of games was bewildering, with exotically shaped and colored boards.

Though classics, such as Diplomacy, were around too.

There were a lot of middle aged folk, but children were around too. I saw a fair share of father-son and mother-daughter teams, as well as one father-daughter team at the event.

August 1, 2010

Where can I find wargamers in Atlanta?

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When I first found the huge DIY Panzerblitz community, it took my breath away and brought back a hobby I hadn’t done seriously since my teens. It was the modern aspect of the game that are appealing to me: if I want counters, I make them. If I want new boards, I make them. If I want to extend play into the modern era, I adapt what I can find and publish that.

But where were wargamers in the ATL? They seemed invisible through Google. I looked, and found old abandoned sites and places to play, emails that did not work and clubs that no longer existed. The priority was no longer finding a Panzerblitz player, but finding people who played these styles of games, period.

My first breakthrough was a single post that mentioned a club named the North Atlanta Tactical Organization and said that they played in a Lilburn based shop called the Gaming Pit. So I hung out at the Gaming Pit for a while. It was a complete waste of time. While the shop is admirably suited to handling MAGIC players and D&D sessions, it really doesn’t have the clientèle to accommodate wargamers.

Looking again, frustrated, I tracked down something called the Gwinnett Boardgame Society. From them I tracked down a shop called Tower Game Center. From their calendar I tracked down NATO. Yay, I found it. It’s in the same mall area as Fini’s Pizzeria, Gold Gym and Carvel Ice Cream, on the Duluth Highway side of the mall. Yes, there are plenty of board gamers there. Well, more appropriately, it’s largely a miniatures crowd. A lot of Flames of War, Warhammer 40k, and Axis and Allies miniatures. So I’ve run into people like Scott, and Ray, and Jim, and life is substantially better. That said, I still haven’t found anyone who plays Panzerblitz style games and would be willing to test rules, counters, and situations with me. Drop me a line on the board if you are interested.

Shops or clubs: if you’re in the Atlanta area, please also drop me a note. I’ll try to include you on a page or post, and perhaps visit your shop or club, to report on the action there.


Note: I’ve added a Google Map of all wargaming locations I know about on the page “Where to Play”. It will be updated as I know more.

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