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March 5, 2014

Byregot’s Blessing, the 13% rule, and other notes about crafting various things.

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As a way point on the path to 2 star goodness, I decided the best thing I could do for my crafting characters is acquire Byregot’s Blessing. This is a level 50 Carpenter skill, with the following properties. It gives 100% quality increases, plus 20% for each additional Inner Quiet stack. It has a 90% success rate. It will eat your Inner Quiet stack in the process, so it’s a one time  only use, and you’ll need enough CP  after it is all over to complete the progress phase of the crafted item.  Almost all the links mentioned in my previous two articles that  pertain to 1 and 2 star crafts have an end using Byregot’s Blessing. Outside of the crafts you like, this one skill is perhaps the most important, perhaps even more so than Steady Hands II.

The 13% Rule

This is a rule of thumb that works. Get progress to 13% ( 8 Inner quiet stacks on a all  NQ hippogriff leather  synthesis) and  then fire off this sequence of  steps.

Great Strides -> Ingenuity -> Byregot’s Blessing

Yes, you’ll be at 100%. Those three steps cost 80 points.  It’s best to make sure you have 4 Steady Hands (II) turns before this run, as then you’re guaranteed to 100% Byregots and then 100% the following Standard Synthesis. At 347 Craftsmanship, the progress phase will go in one step.

80+22(25)+15 = 118(120).

That’s how much you need to end.  In my practice, with hippogriff leather, it works much  better with +CP food.

I did some testing, both with stacks of different size, and for a stack of 6, I replaced Ingenuity with Innovation. I had heard that you could HQ with GS -> Inno -> BB and  go from 15% to 100%. That description didn’t make much sense to me, so I tested the efficacy of Innovation. I really wasn’t impressed.

IQ stacks and BB
IQ stacks Quality Pct Quality After, using Ingenuity After, using Innovation
5 6 % 570
6 7 % 760 24 % 23 %
7 10 % 970 83 %
8 13 % 1200 (est) 100 %


On a stack of 6, Innovation gave me about the same quality results as Ingenuity, but Ingenuity has a powerful effect on progress. With Ingenuity in place, I can finish with Standard Synthesis in 10 durability. Any end move with Innovation instead will cost 20 durability. Ingenuity is just more efficient at this point.

Ingenuity 1 versus Ingenuity 2.

Taken from the thread linked below, this quote by XLauncher is worth quoting:

For raising quality, Ingenuity I and II are identical. For raising progress, Ingenuity II is better than Ingenuity I, but you can raise your base craftsmanship to the point where Ingenuity I will allow you to fill progress 100% in two Standard Syntheses, same as Ingenuity II.

My char’s current stats.

Craftsmanship 347, Control 337, CP 337. With NQ Stone Soup I have about 351 354 CP to play with.

Useful Links.

This one describes a 100% HQ 2 star pathway in detail, and because it isn’t an online argument but an explanation, might be one of the best to begin with.

Another detailed HQing guide.

Good intro to Byregot’s Blessing, giving a variety of techniques. Watch out for folks that don’t understand Ingenuity.

Another thread discussing the merits  of Byregot’s Blessing .

What’s the difference between Ingenuity 1 and Ingenuity 2? Saw it first here.

What is better, +Control or +CP foods? A discussion is here. This article is also the source of the 13% rule of thumb.


February 23, 2014

Waste Not, Steady Hands II, and a new FFXIV link.

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A new link: Arliman’s Crafting Compendium.

100% HQ video on youtube, using the classic Hasty Touch/Tricks of Trade technique.

A Byregot’s Blessing based technique to HQ with NQ materials (youtube).

A Square Enix thread talking about Endgame techniques with Byregot’s Blessing (various techniques). Don’t be surprised if these give you stat shock.

Read the discussions here (how to make crafting materia fast, kill snurbles while wearing Patrician’s gear).

Spiritbonding theory is here.

A how-to style discussion of setting up HQ patrician’s gear for 2 star crafting is here.

Over the weekend I got my culinarian up to 40, and in linkshell discussions noted that some folks didn’t know how to use “Waste Not” to craft. It’s a simpler more forceful approach than the 100% HQ method, and can be turned into a macro. It’s not as good as the 100% HQ method in terms of reliably generating HQ product, but sometimes, 80% HQ is good enough.

The main loop is

Inner Quiet -> Steady Hands -> Waste Not -> Standard (Basic) Touch -> Standard (Basic) Touch -> Standard (Basic) Touch -> Standard (Basic) Touch

The steps above can be macro’d. Don’t macro the finish of the macro, as you may want one more round of touches. Waits between steps can be 2 seconds for the first three skills and 3 second waits after the touches.

If you can afford it, use Standard Touch. One variant is 4 Standard touches and ending with a single Advanced Touch. I made macros early on that did 2 Standard Touches, 4 and 5. They were plenty handy when making stacks of commodities quickly. It is about 3 to 4 times as fast as 100% HQ.

Ways to end: you can, use Basic Synthesis, which has a less than 100% success rate, or Careful Synthesis, which has a 100% success rate. With a little more CP, you can use Standard Synthesis, which for a 100% success rate, is best matched with Steady Hands. An ending that I’ve separately macro’d uses the Rumination Skill to start the ending process. Rumination recovers CP by cashing in Inner Quiet stacks.

Rumination -> Steady Hands -> Standard Synthesis

Once you get a weaver to 50, it’s either the above macro, or some manual variant, or the excellent Careful Synthesis II, which replaces any use of either Careful Synthesis or Basic Synthesis.

Waste Not II and Steady Hands II.

Waste Not costs 56 CP and reduces the cost of a touch by 50% for four turns. Waste Not II costs 98 CP and reduces the cost of a touch by 50% for eight turns. It’s really a 50 level technique but with it, you can make a subtle improvement on the Waste Not macro.

Inner Quiet -> Waste Not II -> Steady Hands (II) -> Standard (Basic) Touch -> Standard (Basic) Touch -> Standard (Basic) Touch -> Standard (Basic) Touch -> Standard Touch

By flipping the order of Waste Not II and Steady Hands from the traditional, you get Steady Hands coverage of five touches, and you still have a 2 steps left on Waste Not II for synthesis steps. At lvl 50, this has become my “go to” macro for making HQ Dew Thread from NQ diremite web. or making HQ toad leather from NQ toad skin and alumen. Variants of this one are useful up through wool and raptor (albeit with NQ raptor and HQ black alumen).

Steady Hands II (25 CP) is an improvement over Steady Hands (22 CP). It lasts the same number of turns, but improves success by 30% instead of 20%. Particularly with the 100% HQ technique, it reduces the failure rate of Hasty Touch from 30% to 20% (almost one third to about one fifth). The 3 CP cost that you pay is well worth the improvement in technique reliability.

The only place Steady Hands II would not pay off is the Rumination based ending macro. That would be 3 CP wasted.

February 17, 2014

FFXIV: Gathering and Crafting notes for the new level 50 crafter/gatherer.

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I have a miner, botanist, weaver, leatherworker, and goldsmith to 50. Because my free company are largely dungeon hounds, I’m beginning to set up a linkshell for crafters. If you’re on Brynhildr and like to craft or gather, give Jaime Catnip a tell.


Some notes, so I don’t have to look them up so often:

Gathering locations for botanist:

Gathering locations for a miner:

A rare nodes spreadsheet is here.

An excellent crafting guide:

Gathering and crafting gear discussions:

Please read this one to the end. Cheaper alternatives appear at the end of the thread.

And look at this guy carefully:

Notes in general. Once you get to 50, you don’t have to try and buy your way to ultimate gear all at once. It’s too expensive and the difference between perception +4 materia and perception +5 can bankrupt you.

Get just what you need in terms of stats. Focus on accessories first. A great set of level 38 HQ gathering/crafting gear (plus level 43 HQ gloves) plus good level 50 accessories will get you to 1 star recipes. You can take your time, convert your old gear to materia (making big bucks off the level 3 materia you generate, and recycling some of that back into your gear). I did this more on my botanist build than miner — my miner came first and I was stupid then — and I have good enough gear that didn’t cost hundreds of thousands of gil.

Watch prices. Watch required stats. Make use of level 2 materia for builds when it just costs you a few vanity points.


Patrician’s gear analysis. *Must* be read by anyone trying to minimize materia costs.

Ingenuity 2 technique. Requires 50 carpenter and 50 blackmith skills (37 cul recommended):

All cross class crafter abilities (read this discussion carefully, please, as multiple crafting approaches discussed):

November 10, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV: Delights, frustrations, finding that good free company.

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A lot of things are going on in my life, quiet or otherwise. I’m between jobs, and in the downtime, decided to take on a massively multiplayer online game.

~~ prelude ~~

My last was Final Fantasy 11. I was playing a white mage and a bard in that one. I  eventually wore out of that game, because the grind through the final 10 levels was too much for me. Pickup parties I could find, in general, didn’t have the skill sets to really function well, and the team experience wasn’t good enough to be satisfying.

In Dark Age Of Camelot (aka DAOC), my earlier MMO, I was playing a warden, a healing class that wore armor and could fight a little ( a very little, mind you). I found a good guild, and in time, became friends enough with players in the dominant guild of the server, one called Blackthorn, to help in the final days of leveling. That, and RL friends who were also playing the game. Having the right support in crucial in a team game.

I was looking for something akin to a warden in a new game..

~~ end prelude ~~

So, enter Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. It’s a pretty game with intriguing content. In many respects, it’s clearly evolved from the older MMOs. Hours are not spent finding parties. There is a Duty Finder that can put together parties for you. The game has other mechanisms to get around the leveling grind that other MMOs face. There are these spontaneous FATES that erupt, little events that if you get into, offer relatively large rewards for participation. It’s not as “grindy” as older MMOs. The class system is free form. Want to play a new class? Get your first class to 10 and you can play just about any class you wish.

Want some skills from your minor class in your major class? By the time you reach level 5, you can begin to add a skill, every five levels, to your major class. There is a good heal, for warrior types, that you get at Pugilist level 8. It’s worth it to spend some time with Pugilist if you’re leveling, say, a tank. It gives you a reserve heal in the middle of a fight.

Since I no longer use Windows on my home PC, another advantage of FF XIV is that I can play it on my PS3. But playing on a PS3 controller, not a keyboard, makes communications much harder. People do not talk much in this game as a result. They seem to talk only when things go horribly wrong. Very little effort is taken to make sure things go right from the start.

I’m to a level now where this creates consequences. By the time you reach the first dungeons, levels 15 through 1 9, tanks in particular have to know what they are doing. Well, not the first dungeon, perhaps, because I’ve been playing this game a week, played the first dungeon successfully as a tank, and I don’t really have all the mechanics of playing a tank down. I think I can hold aggro, but best practices? What are those? If you read about even the second dungeon (min level 16), you have tactics like these being employed(*). That doesn’t even begin to  get to the tactics suggested for dungeon #3.

What does this do for the person whose first MMO is Final Fantasy XIV: ARR and they’re playing a character for the first time? My daughter is growing curious about MMOs. I let her make a character on my account. She chose a  marauder, a tanking class, because handling one big axe makes the decision making processes simpler for her.

It’s not hard to level in Final Fantasy XIV: Fates, the Main line quest, and other quests all about make it pretty easy to level just by fetching goods, killing a few mobs, and answering questions. Skill isn’t required to level. Finding parties has been made much simpler with FF XIV’s Duty Finder. Want a pick up party? Just log into the Duty Finder and you’ll get one.

They have miniature party scenarios available through the Duty Finder as early as level 10, and I’ve played though those dozens of times, mostly with my healer, my conjurer.

But to play the dungeons, a lot of skill is required at the very earliest levels.

Because so many people are on PS3 controllers, not a lot of talking happens in the game. Since the phrase guild is reserved for the various classes in the game, they call them free companies, or FCs.

One of the earliest issues are the blind invites to free companies. After ignoring a few of them, I accepted one. What did I get? No website, no hello, no FC chat, no discussion at all. The FC existed for the purpose of filling someone’s ego who then didn’t do what a FC should do: give people a context within which to play the game. Needless to say, I left that guild after a few days.

I have questions about my play. I’d like to talk about these issues first before blindly rushing forward with leveling in a game where the skill to play the role defines success or failure. A free company should play a major factor in this, and by that standard, I had good free companies the first two MMOs I played.

I have yet to see a free company friendly enough to beginners and literate enough to function, really, as a company to play that role.

You can’t just have a website. Someone, preferably more than one someone, has to actually use the site. And it doesn’t even have to be forum or bulletin board based. A FC blog might be a more sensible arrangement. But there has to be a mechanism that allows folks in the FC, at whatever level they may be, to actually talk to their peers, and more so, the more experienced players and get their input and feedback.

So there are plenty of good things in this new game. But I’m at the point where I’d like some one who has done these things before to discuss the mechanics of play, and that need has yet to be addressed.

Oh yes, and if you’re low level, and try to post a new thread on the Square Enix forums, you get this:

Square Enix, your  forums suck.

Square Enix, your forums suck.

* Perhaps it doesn’t seem to anyone that there are tactics in Tam-Tara Deepcroft. But having died about five times to the Priest in Tam-Tara Deepcroft in the penultimate fight, because people didn’t pick up that he was killing the party’s healer (me), is a big functional issue for a party.

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