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February 13, 2011

Seen at Barnes and Noble

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There seem to be harder core games appearing at the local Barnes and Nobles these days. Pictures of the game selections are below:

The selections are oriented towards Eurogames, but still, it’s a more wargames friendly set of games collections than just, say, Scrabble and chess.


October 11, 2010

Merkavas and More

I’ve been ┬áthinking along the lines of a set of Israeli armor that could span most of the period that Israel has been fighting and for now this is it. It includes tanks misrepresented in the AIW stock set and tanks whose combat ratings should be changed, based on a modern understanding of their armor and firepower. The Merkava is the tank in most need of change, as it was seriously underrated by Avalon Hill.

Also included are 90mm M48s and 20 pounder Centurions, as these played a major role in the Six Day War. Very few of the weapons ┬áhad been converted by then. It was in 1973 that essentially all M48s had 105mm guns and the Centurions had been converted to the Sho’t. The weapons presented date from prior to 1956, but do not really include the tanks of 1948. So, yes, incomplete, but spanning more tanks and types than any post before, are the tanks of Israel.


August 6, 2010

Alpharetta Board Gamers, Alpharetta GA

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I dropped by their meeting site recently, Alpha Soda Restaurant, and said hello to the guys of Alpharetta Board Gamers. I met Chris, Carlos, David, and one other whose name I didn’t quite catch. So it was a group of 5, with me watching mostly. The first game was Small World, the second I believe was called Innovation. Simple games to play, not necessarily simple tactically.

I liked the people and the vibe, very low key and friendly. It’s an easy introduction into these kinds of games and Chris and Carlos seemed to bring enough games for a wealth of choice. So if you’re in the area, and a quick board fix is your cup of tea, drop by and enjoy the group.

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