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This is a wargamer’s blog, the blog of someone fascinated by platoon and company level armored combat. When I was 14, Panzerblitz arrived on the scene. 250,000 copies sold later, a classic was born. For someone fascinated with sophisticated games, Panzerblitz style units became the way I thought. With the eventual death of Avalon Hill, Panzerblitz has morphed into something entirely different: a game driven by many man-hours of individual contributions. It’s to some extent a DIY paradise. Places like Greg Panzerblitz and Imaginative Strategist beg to be seen by anyone who liked the old Panzerblitz system. And so, a lot of this blog will focus on game design: creation of pieces, counters and maps (Yay, Cartographer’s Guild!).

The odds are, though, when my generation passes away, the Panzerblitz playing generation will die. Modern games in this mode include Multi-Man Publishing’s Panzerblitz-HOD, and World At War: Eisenbach Gap. Played often in the Atlanta area are miniatures games, such as Flames of War and Axis and Allies Miniatures. So this blog will cover other wargames as well.

Finally, the title is gaming, not wargaming, so if I decide to post on the genre of general games or computer games, I’ll do that too. I rather like games, as does my daughter. So, if I report on things like chess, or Dragon Age or Little Big Planet, or even the 1950s phenomenon Scrabble, understand: you were warned!

Copyright stuff: unless otherwise stated, all writing, photographs, images and art on this site are copyrighted (C) 2010 by Food Near Snellville. All rights are reserved. All copyrighted material is licensed under the Creative Commons attribution non-commercial share alike license.


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  1. Excellent blog.
    Well laid out — good choice of articles and commentary.
    Very useful, and for an old fan of PZ & PL, a lot of fun

    I’ve added this to my list,

    Keep up the great work!


    Comment by Narukami — August 5, 2010 @ 11:45 am | Reply

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