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October 11, 2010

Merkavas and More

I’ve been  thinking along the lines of a set of Israeli armor that could span most of the period that Israel has been fighting and for now this is it. It includes tanks misrepresented in the AIW stock set and tanks whose combat ratings should be changed, based on a modern understanding of their armor and firepower. The Merkava is the tank in most need of change, as it was seriously underrated by Avalon Hill.

Also included are 90mm M48s and 20 pounder Centurions, as these played a major role in the Six Day War. Very few of the weapons  had been converted by then. It was in 1973 that essentially all M48s had 105mm guns and the Centurions had been converted to the Sho’t. The weapons presented date from prior to 1956, but do not really include the tanks of 1948. So, yes, incomplete, but spanning more tanks and types than any post before, are the tanks of Israel.



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  1. I like your work, but am frustrated by a few things on the counters. Please take this as constructive criticism:

    1] some have the original-style ‘black on white’ silhouette; why do some have the 3/4 view “drawings”? While I thnk they may be more aesthetically pleasing if viewed in larger [say, half-screen] format, they are harder to see / identify on counters. Old eyes to some extend, but also a mismatch of 2 different styles is unattractive to the eye. I would appreciate 2 sets of counters: 1 with the ‘new’ artwork [e.g., AMX-13, Sherman M1, M50, M51’s] for all counters, 1 with ‘old’ style for all.

    2] we should see an explanation of reasoning on some of the new counters, esp. the Merkavas – what the “3/4” or “1/2” values mean.

    3] rules – do these counters require more of them? One of the great things about AIW being a 3rd iteration of an older game system, one of the things that is [not was, but IS] great is it’s elegance. Adding additional rules tends to bog down the game – and it works as is. A possible exception is the addition of Blazer / ERA to later tanks if you want to take AIW into ‘the future’ [meaning: post AIW scenarios], but again – keep it simple.

    Thanks again for your work; I would appreciate your thoughts on the above!



    Comment by Jim Millard — November 1, 2011 @ 7:47 am | Reply

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